Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sorry... how much?

Today I could have been about $23 richer if not for my anal-retentive sense of honesty. I didn't even need to do anything dodgy, just accept what I was told and do nothing ...

First stop in Lygon St was Readings, where I needed to collect a CD I had ordered (mmm.... Sibelius; currently playing in the background... thanks again Kynan :-). However, when I had placed the order for this CD (which they had in stock and just put aside for me to collect) I also ordered another CD (a Naxos cheapie) which they needed to order in for me. Someone in the shop had written the code of the ordered Naxos CD on the note attached to my other CD to collect. So the sales person keyed in the code on the note, (and didn't seem to notice that the title on the screen was not even close to Sibelius), and asked me for $9.95. My brain was only half engaged at the time, but some vague sense of not-rightness jerked it back to full attention, and I asked her:
"sorry... how much?"


"I don't think that's right.... I'm sure it should be $22.95, see the price sticker?"

After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, she worked out what had happened and corrected the transaction, thanking me for my honesty (and yes, $22.95 was the correct price).

Next stop- cafe for lunch. I enjoyed a coffee and a yummy calzone... but when I came to pay, the waiter asked for $2.90. I looked at him and once again said "sorry... how much?" (this question is becoming a theme). He looked at me as if I was stupid, and repeated,

"$2.90... you just had a coffee, right?"

"No, I also had a calzone, but if that's all you want to charge me, I'm happy for the cheap lunch".

He then scurried away to check with various other people (and presumably crack a head or two for not noting the food part of my order in the billing system) and then the manager came back and apologised for the delay and charged me the correct amount.

It made me think, that on two occasions today, I had the opportunity to rip people off... not by design or because I am a bad person, but just by taking advantage of someone else's mistake, and not speaking up for what I knew to be right.

I am very glad that I seem to have a natural tendency towards honesty (and often question such mistakes automatically, without even thinking about it). Friends with me at such times have been known to rebuke me for not just staying quiet, and adopting the philosophy of "their mistake = my gain", but I just couldn't do this, even in seemingly insignificantly small things like being given a few cents too much change.

... and that makes me glad :-)

boxes... Boxes ...BOXES!

Yes folks, the heading means that yesterday the removalist dropped in all my boxes for packing... there are a lot of them. Today will be the day I start packing with a vengeance. The study is first on the list (but of course I will need to clear away all the debris from my desk... pieces of paper scribbled with random notes about Abraham and Sarah's visit to Egypt (remnants from my last assignment that I haven't gotten around to disposing of yet).

Last night I had dinner with some ex-pat Taswegians, one of whom asked me if I am really as excited in real life as I sound in my emails. My answer?


Ahem.... :-)
I then proceeded to earbash him for the next half hour or so about exactly how excited I am and what excites me, especially the elements of my systematic theology class that have caused me the greatest excitement this semester.... ahhh bliss (I think he may have regretted the question :-)

Well, I think I need to start thinking about doing some packing... all those boxes are looking at me in an accusatory fashion.. feeling neglected, I think. (But first, an important errand needs to be completed- a visit to Lygon St to collect a CD of Sibelius symphonies recommended to me by a friend (and let's face it, when someone goes to the trouble to phone you from the USA and plays music at you over said phoneline, with the exhortation of "you MUST get this symphony, it's fantastic!" what is a girl to do?)

(Thanks Kynan :-)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Knitting before the face of God


After submitting my final assignment for the semester yesterday, I am now a free woman! (well, maybe not free exactly, but reasonable, at least :-) Admittedly, I still have to pack up all my worldly possessions to move to Brunswick on July 5th, but today I decided was not a day for packing.

I had a visit from a fellow student, who happened to run into one of our lecturers this morning. He told her that we had both "done well" in our Hebrew exam, although no matter how persuasive she tried to be, he would not give any further details (aren't people with integrity annoying sometimes? :-) Anyway, it's good news that I must have at least passed.

After making a few strategic phone calls and emails to at least look like I'm doing something constructive (apart from making copious lists, that is), I have decided to sit down and do some knitting.

... not that i'm a great knitter, mind you (although I do make a pretty cool scarf -plain stitch- out of that groovy feather yarn from Chickenfeed), but there is something therapeutic about the mindless task of clacking a couple of needles together, and seeing something grow as a result.

A few weeks ago I attended a Rural Ministry Conference in Halls Gap. On the Sat morning, there was a variety of activities to promote 'self care' for people in ministry. Most of these related to finding creative ways to connect with God and refresh the spirit. One of the activities was called Knitting before the face of God, and involved using knitting as a kind of mantra, to help clear the mind and allow one to be enveloped in a kind of silence... in which the voice of God may be heard. (There was actually a helpful story to explain the why and the how of it, but I don't have it with me)

It was an interesting experience to sit in companionable silence with two other ladies whilst we all knitted away.

Hmm... speaking of that... I think I need to go... I have some important knitting to do!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Only 8 more sleeps...

... and 1.25 assignments to go ...

... until I head to Tassie for a holiday!
Yes, I know, but I did warn you that I am somewhat excitable!
... and can we spell "displacement task", kiddies? (why else do you think I would be here writing on the blog instead of working on my assignments).
Still, excited about the holiday, and chance to catch up with friends in Tassie. That's all I wanted to say (not feeling terribly erudite at the moment)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Let me introduce myself

Hello there folks. My name is Caro, and I recently moved from Hobart to Melbourne to study theology at the United Faculty of Theology in Parkville.

I tend to have verbal diarrhoea, so I hope you can keep up with me in my rabid rantings about life, the universe and everything.