Thursday, January 10, 2008

I think I'm studying in the wrong place

In yesterday's mail I received the latest catalogue from Koorong Bookshop (a conservative Christian bookshop that has a national chain of stores and a big mail order business).

I enjoy receiving these catalogues; partly because there are sometimes some interesting looking books in them, but mainly because they always come with brochures for various Christian conferences, seminars and other things, which make for quite amusing reading (especially the ones for Women's conferences, which can always relied upon to make my feminist gorge rise).

Well, this time, I think I struck gold. There was a postcard enclosed advertising a certain Bible College (which shall remain nameless, but needless to say, it was not affiliated with any of the mainstream Christian denominations). The college was offering a free iPod nano with every full-time enrolment.

Gadget queen and hard-nosed consumer that I am, I was sorely tempted to jump ship from the UFT to this other college (which also happens to be in Melbourne), but knowing my luck, the free iPod would probably be loaded with Koorong's entire collection of CCM.*

The mind truly boggles, what will they think of next?

* CCM = Contemporary Christian Music (which is about as deep as... well... a not very deep thing, and is the musical equivalent of fingernails down a blackboard... well to me, anyway).